House Visits & Family Aid

Recently our team visited several families in Jerusalem and provided them with money vouchers. The families' difficult financial situations were evident by the state of their homes. We were especially saddened by the condition of Larissa's* home. She lives in a humble 2-bedroom apartment. The furniture is worn out, the appliances are old and her bed is broken.


Larissa made aliyah to Israel from Russia 30 years ago with her husband and little boy. Shortly after the move, her husband passed away. Larissa remarried, but tragically she had to face another loss when her second husband died from cancer. Up until 10 years ago, she had a good job at a tour company, but following a heart attack and deteriorating health, she had to stop working. Since she has become unemployed, she started incurring debt. Larissa is in desperate need for help with purchasing food, toiletries and medicine. She also needs a new bed and refrigerator. 


Vision for Israel is supporting her and other families in the area, and we are doing everything possible to lighten their loads and provide a proper living space for them.


*Name has been changed.