High Holiday Aid for Holocaust Survivors

We are moving full speed ahead with our distribution for the high holidays. We recently visited Holocaust survivors in Holon. These precious survivors have gone through very difficult experiences as children, leaving them with physical and emotional scars. Vision for Israel is supporting the survivors and helps them in various ways so they can live a life of dignity. 

This year, we returned to a center for the elderly in Holon to hand out money vouchers to 100 survivors. We always enjoy meeting our recipients in person and hearing their stories. One survivor, Edward, 79, was born in Ukraine. In 1941 when he was only three years old, the Germans invaded the city where his family lived, and most of the Jews fled. Those who didn't escape were shot and killed. Edward's family fled to the city of Ural in Russia. When the war ended, the family returned to their city in Ukraine, but their home was taken by other Ukrainians while they were gone, and they ended up without a home. Edward remained in Ukraine and in 1990 made Aliyah with his wife. They now live in Holon.

We consider it an honor to be able to bless these sweet survivors as they enter the holiday season.