Helping Shmuel's Family

As part of our Passover aid distribution to terror victims, Batya and Ariel from the VFI team met each one of the recipients personally. They listened to their stories, gave them special attention and brainstormed to figure out how to help them further. One of the people they met is Shmuel, who was injured in a terror attack a few years ago and suffers from severe post-traumatic damage. Since the attack, he has been receiving psychiatric treatment and is unable to work. His wife's salary is not enough to sustain the family, with their three children. One of the children has cerebral palsy, which causes severe problems with walking, and he needs a special splint for his leg. The splint is intended to stretch out the muscle so it doesn't become shorter. Without the splint, the muscle becomes short and causes a limp.

Batya said, "The father sat before me and had tears running down from his eyes. He told me, 'My eldest son asked for clothes for the holiday. I have no money to buy him pants. Maybe you can give me pants and a shirt for him? I don't want to come home empty-handed.' When people have to chose between clothes, food, medical supplies or something else that's essential for their home, can they even choose?"

Vision for Israel has agreed to donate the finances for the purchase of the splint and will increase the aid for this family to help meet their urgent needs.