Help Us Assist a Terror Victim's Wife by Financing Her Education

Some families find a special place in our heart, and we do our best to help them break out of the circle of poverty. One of them is the Levi* family, whom we've been helping regularly over the last couple of years.

David*, the father, was severely injured after being stabbed all over his body in a terror attack in Jerusalem in 2013. He is now suffering from various disabilities and severe trauma and is unable to work. His wife, Michal*, was laid off from her job and is working hard cleaning homes. The family of six is struggling financially. 

As if that wasn't enough, their home was recently broken into, and all their savings and jewelry, which they had been collecting for years, were stolen. Some of the savings were intended for fulfilling Michal's dream of going to school and acquiring a profession to help improve the family's financial situation. Since the break-in, Michal's dream has become unreachable. David wrote us and said that Michal is in a great distress—she can't stop crying, sits up until late at night, refuses to go to sleep, is angry with herself and feels frustrated about the situation she is in and not being able to improve the family's financial struggle. Fulfilling her dream of going to school will help her come out of the cycle of sorrow, and entering into a profession will give her the jump-start she needs to open a new chapter in her life. The course is starting in September, but Michal can't sign up until she has all the finances.

Vision for Israel is making great efforts to help Michal raise the necessary funds. If you would like to donate, click here:


*Names have been changed.