Hanukkah Events for Foster Children

Vision for Israel is getting into the swing of the Hanukkah season by sponsoring a variety of activities. One activity is a Hanukkah celebration for foster children. These are children who unfortunately cannot be raised by their parents and have been placed in foster homes. The foster families choose to accept the responsibility of raising these children with love and joy and giving them a loving and accepting home. Despite the caring foster families, the children still must deal with the shock of being removed from their parents and feeling different in society.

For Hanukkah, there will be a celebration in Jerusalem for the children and their foster families, with the goal of giving them a positive holiday experience. Vision for Israel is sponsoring a play, crafting stations and refreshments. Our hope and prayer is that the children will enjoy the holiday like the other kids in Israel, and that this will help them overcome their challenges by joining them together to celebrate with other kids in similar situations.