Gratitude for Passover Gifts

Shachar* from Haifa was injured in a deadly terror attack in March 2003, in which 17 children and soldiers died. He is recognized as 65 percent permenantly handicapped, having been injured all over his body. Shachar was one of the terror victims who received financial aid for Passover. Recently we received a thank-you letter from him:

"I would like to thank you for the gift that you send me every year. I see this gift as a great help because I have exited the work circle and I'm at the mercies of social security. With this gift you remind me every time that you remember me, and even more so, in this gift I see a correct social conduct, of a society that helps the weaker levels."

We were very excited to read this letter and to see that our aid helps so much and gives a good feeling to those who receive it.

*Name has been changed.