Field Trip for Adults' Social Club

There's a club in Jerusalem for singles from ages 40–60 who have intellectual disabilities and suffer from poverty, social exclusion and a lack of daily or weekly routines. The club provides them with an accepting place where they can receive a meal, personal attention and social enrichment. Vision for Israel has been supporting the club for three years with the goal of helping these individuals to enhance their social skills and help them more fully integrate into society. 

Recently the club members went on a VFI-sponsored field trip to Holon. The members enjoyed a walk in the park and then went to the children's museum. At the museum, they participated in "An Invitation to Silence," a fascinating workshop about the world of the deaf. The members of the group showed a lot of interest and asked many questions during the special experience, which was led by a deaf instructor. We are so happy to be a part of bringing joy and comfort to this community.