European Leaders Agree Iran Troops Must Be Removed From Syria

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Eph. 6:12

ISRAELI OFFICIAL: EUROPEAN LEADERS AGREE IRAN TROOPS MUST BE REMOVED FROM SYRIA: A senior diplomatic official on 6 June 2018 said the leaders of France, Britain, and Germany have reached a “general agreement” regarding the removal of Iranian forces from Syria. Speaking as PM Benjamin Netanyahu was wrapping up a diplomatic trip to Berlin, Paris, and London, the official said there was “widespread agreement” among the three leaders — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and British PM Theresa May — that Iranian troops must be entirely removed from the war-torn country. Before setting out on his trip to visit European leaders, Netanyahu indicated that Iran would be the first and only subject on his agenda. Israel fears that as the Syrian civil war winds down, Iran, whose forces have backed President Bashar Assad, will entrench militarily in the neighboring country and turn its focus on Israel. As the tour approached a close, the Israeli official said there had been “significant progress,” on the issues. PM Netanyahu warned last week that Israel would strike against any attempt by Iran to "establish itself militarily" in Syria, "not just opposite the Golan Heights, but any place in Syria." (Times of Israel)

SLOWLY,STEADILY PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU IS WINNING ALLIES IN HIS STRUGGLE WITH TEHRAN: For Israeli PM Netanyahu, Washington's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal was the culmination of years of lobbying. His efforts are also being rewarded in Russia, which is now supporting Israel's demands that Iranian forces be kept away from Israel's border on the Golan Heights and has remained silent as Israel launched air-strikes on Iranian bases deep within Syria. "With Trump's pulling out of the Iran deal and Putin supporting us now in Syria, 80% of the work has been done," said a senior cabinet minister in Jerusalem this week. "But every bit of pressure counts. We have to bring the Iranians to the point where they give up on their plans both in Syria and their nuclear program." Israeli officials believe that any European attempt to defy American sanctions on Iran by financing future business deals with the Islamic Republic will fail. In recent weeks, a growing list of European companies have announced they are winding up their dealings with Iran. (The Times-UK) Dear JNN readers, this report and others like it, are answers to long years of intercession. Continue to pray that Iran’s Islamist government will be defeated on all fronts, including in its attempts to establish a military foothold in Syria - and most dangerously on the northern borders of Israel. Pray that world leaders will be in agreement and find effective ways to end this regime’s destructive nuclear and military goals – also that the Iranian people who want political and social change but live in fear of expressing their discontent will be encouraged in their hopes for a better future.

IRAN: ADVANCED CENTRIFUGES FACILITY WILL BE READY IN A MONTH: A facility in Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant to build advanced centrifuges will be completed in a month, Iran’s nuclear chief announced on 6 June 2018. “After the Supreme Leader’s order we prepared this center within 48 hours. We hope the facility to be completed in a month,” said Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. The announcement came a day after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he had ordered preparations to increase uranium enrichment capacity if the nuclear agreement with world powers collapsed. Iran’s announcement follows USA President Donald Trump's withdrawal last month from the 2015 nuclear deal. Meanwhile, Tehran has demanded that Europe come up with an economic package to offset the effects of the USA withdrawal. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Iran that its plan to increase its uranium enrichment capacity took it close to a "red line". Le Drian warned Tehran that Europe would not be able to stand idly by if Iran takes its nuclear program "to the next level". German foreign ministry sources also described the plan as "not helpful at this time" saying it did not "contribute to the building of trust, in which Iran should also have an interest." (Reuters/Arutz -7)

NETANYAHU: “IRAN’S URANIUM ENRICHMENT IS PART OF A PLOT TO ANNIHILATE ISRAEL”: Iran is looking to expand its uranium enrichment program as part of a larger plan to obtain nuclear weapons and destroy Israel, PM Netanyahu said this week, adding that Israel would prevent Tehran from achieving a nuclear arms capacity. Netanyahu referenced recent threats by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei against Israel. The Iranian leader also described the Jewish state as a “tumor”. Netanyahu linked Iran’s recent threats with Tehran’s plans to expand its enrichment of uranium. “Two days ago, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, announced his intentions to annihilate Israel,” said Netanyahu. “Yesterday, he explained how he would do so, with the unrestricted enrichment of uranium in order to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons. We’re not surprised,” continued Netanyahu, vowing that Israel “won’t let Iran get nuclear weapons.” Netanyahu said he would raise the need to continue the pressure on Iran against its nuclear program during his meetings this week with European leaders. It is possible that we won’t be in full agreement in this matter right now, but I think that in the long-term, an understanding can be worked out.” (Arutz-7) “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. Isa. 54:17

USA WARNS IRAN AFTER IT MOVES TO STEP UP URANIUM-ENRICHMENT CAPACITY: The United States warned that Washington will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons after Iran announced plans to increase its uranium-enrichment capacity. USA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued the warning on Twitter late on 6 June 2018, saying, "We're watching reports that Iran plans to increase its enrichment capacity. We won't allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon." Pompeo added that "Iran is aware of our resolve." Pompeo's statement came after Iran said a facility to build advanced centrifuges will be completed in a month at its Natanz nuclear center as part of its plans to increase its uranium-enrichment capacity, if a landmark 2015 nuclear deal with world power collapses. (Radio Free Europe)

ARGENTINA CANCELS ISRAEL SOCCER MATCH FOLLOWING PALESTINIAN PRESSURE: In the face of intense Palestinian pressure, Argentina has decided to pull out of a soccer match against Israel, a senior source at Argentina's Football Federation said this week. The game was highly anticipated in Israel, with tickets selling out in 20 minutes. Following the news, PM Netanyahu called Argentine President Mauricio Macri to urge him to intercede to forestall the cancellation. Macri told Netanyahu that he had no control over the team's decision. Argentina's Clarin newspaper printed rebukes of the national team's decision to cancel its friendly game with Israel. Miguel Winazki wrote that the team should also "not play in Russia, because the Kremlin was behind the decision to launch military incursions in Syria." It should also "not play against Spain, for its colonial enclaves" on the Moroccan coast. Daniel Lagares noted that the team had "been warned that Jerusalem is dangerous." Yet Argentina's superstar striker, Lionel Messi, lives in Barcelona, where only last year 13 people were murdered in a terror attack. Other Argentine team members play in England, "where just a year ago a bomb exploded on the London Bridge," and in Paris, where the Stade de France soccer stadium was targeted in 2015. In response to the game’s cancellation, the Israel Football [Soccer] Association announced it will file a complaint to FIFA accusing its Palestinian counterpart of pressuring Argentine players into cancelling a friendly match set to have taken place in Israel. (Times of Israel)

NETANYAHU RAISES IMPASSIONED DEFENSE OF GAZA BORDER TACTICS TO EUROPE: Israel’s PM Netanyahu mounted an impassioned defense of Israel's conduct against protesters on the Israel-Gaza border in recent weeks on Thur. 7 June 2018, arguing that no country in the world has developed any non-lethal alternative against protesters seeking fatalities. "We tried tear gas, all sorts of other devices, and none have worked against this type of tactic," Netanyahu told a meeting of the Policy Exchange think tank on the final morning of a three-day European tour. "Hamas' goal was to have as many casualties as possible, our goal was to minimize casualties and avoid fatalities," explained Netanyahu. "When I talk with European leaders, I always say 'What would you do?' The last thing we want is any violence, or casualties. No country in the world has offered an alternative, I spoke to every country you can imagine." Netanyahu condemned Hamas' "unconscionable" tactics at the border protests during its eight-week "March of Return" campaign, which saw around 100 Palestinians killed and hundreds more injured during violent clashes with the IDF. The Israeli leader said he would be "the first one to use" any non-lethal solution to the violent protests on the Gaza border, but emphasized that "any country would stop a direct assault on the lives of their civilians. We are doing everything we can to both minimize casualties, and at the same time protect Israeli lives," said Netanyahu. (J.Post)

COINS DATING TO TIME OF EZRA UNEARTHED IN JERUSALEM: Five coins dating to the time of Ezra have been discovered in Jerusalem in what one expert has called a rare find. The coins measure about seven millimeters across and date to the fourth century B.C. Three of the five coins are intact and legible. “Throughout the 150 years of archaeological digs all across the sites of ancient Jerusalem, only five of these coins were ever found,” said Zachi Dvira of the Temple Mount Sifting Project. “We have now found three whole coins, along with two eroded ones, apparently from the same series, and assume we'll find more in the future.” (Koenig)

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