Donation of a Vscan

As part of our ongoing activity, Vision for Israel donates medical and emergency supplies to hospitals and medical centers. About three years ago we donated a Vscan device to HaEmek Medical Center. Recently they asked us for another donation for the urological department. The device will enable the caregivers to treat patients without having to move them, therefore making the treatment a bit more comfortable.

The Vscan device is a mobile handheld ultrasound machine that the doctor can bring right to the patient's bed to scan internal organs with accuracy, as well as measure blood flow and heart activity, and examine various medical pathologies. In the past, all these procedures required moving the patient to the machine. The device is so small that it can fit in the doctor's pocket. It also helps the doctor make a more intelligent decision and ease the pain of the patient.

Vision for Israel purchased the device, and it will soon arrive at the hospital. We hope this will bless the patients and bring them quick relief.