Developing News: Three Israeli Soldiers Wounded; Gaza Appears on the Brink of War

“He sent out His arrows and scattered the foe, lightnings in abundance, and He vanquished them.” Ps. 18:1

DEVELOPING NEWS: THREE ISRAELI SOLDIERS WOUNDED; GAZA APPEARS ON THE BRINK OF WAR: Three Israeli soldiers have reportedly been wounded during multiple barrages of mortar shells and short-range rockets fired by terrorist forces operating out of the Gaza Strip. At least 50 mortars and rockets were fired into southern Israel on Tues. 29 May 2018. Israel has so far responded with targeted artillery and aerial strikes on terrorist positions in Gaza, but officials are hinting that the volatile coastal enclave could be facing a far more severe Israeli response if the escalation continues. (Israel Today) Intercede against the escalation of rocket fire and violent aggression towards Israel stemming from the Gaza Strip. Pray for the swift and complete recovery of the Israeli soldiers that have been injured.

SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT LAMBASTED FOR ASKING ISRAEL TO WITHDRAW FROM GAZA: The South African government has been mocked and criticized on Twitter since Thurs. 24 May 2018 after it posted a tweet calling on the IDF "to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and bring to an end the violent and destructive incursions into Palestinian territories," despite the fact that Israel pulled out of the Strip in 2005. Several well-known Israel advocacy figures including Hen Mazzig and human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky took the government to task on Twitter in response to its ridiculous claims. "You guys either aren’t very bright or just willfully ignorant & misleading," Ostrovsky wrote. "Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005. But then again, I would expect nothing less from the South Africa GovernmentZA, today one of Hamas’ best friends!" Mazzig wrote mockingly: "The IDF should also withdraw from the Sinai, Jordan, Iraq, Alaska and the kingdom of Narnia. Thank you GovernmentZA for this strong statement that has no connection to reality." Hundreds of others tweeted the government's Twitter account in disgust with some calling the government "morons" and "irresponsible," as well as criticizing it for ignoring the facts "just so it can bash Israel.

"You guys are SO 2005. That's when Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip," said Moshe Kwiat, while South African commentator and columnist Howard Feldman responded that the South African government "have got to stop BDS from writing your statements. They are making fools of you. You seriously have no idea how stupid you look. Gosh. So Embarrassing." Yaron Ramati appealed to the country's government "to have the basic decency of at least reading the relevant Wikipedia page before they comment on anything" and tweeted a link to a Wikipedia article on the disengagement from Gaza in 2005. Several Twitter users also joked that Israel will withdraw when Nelson Mandela is freed from prison, alluding to the fact that such a statement is completely backward, behind the times and misinformed. New Zealand's Zionist Federation also tweeted that "statements like this just show how ill informed you are about the history of and situation in Israel." South Africans also added that the government should be focused on the country's own issues such as the water crisis, sky-high crime and unemployment rates, as well as service delivery problems, instead of worrying about Israel. Other GIFs posted in response included Judge Judy shaking her head and Leonardo Di Caprio laughing hysterically. (Arutz-7) Indeed, so much of the war Israel fight’s against anti-Israel bias is hindered due to confusion and outright ignorance of historical and media facts concerning the Jewish state and her self-defensive measures. Your individual voice counts a great deal in this battle. Let it be heard in temporal places as you speak with friends about Israel and make use of blogs and social media sources to correct false and misleading statements against the Jewish state – and let it be heard in the heavens individually and with others as you intercede for Israel. Remember to pass the JNN updates to your family and friends.

SAUDI ARABIA STOPS NEW BUSINESS WITH GERMANY OVER ITS PRO-IRAN POLICY: Riyadh pulled the plug on awarding government contracts to German companies, in a possible response to Berlin’s pro-Iranian regime polices and its accusation that the kingdom’s foreign policy constitutes “political adventurism” in the Middle East. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is “deeply offended” by the German government and froze new business with the Federal Republic, wrote Der Spiegel. The newsweekly’s source was Detlef Daues, a German business owner active in Saudi Arabia, who said he was told by confidants in Riyadh about the prince’s displeasure with Berlin. A senior German businessman in Saudi Arabia, who asked to remain anonymous, told Reuters last week that the healthcare sector in particular was feeling added scrutiny when applying for Saudi tenders. “They have even been asking: Where are the products coming from? Are they made in Germany? Do you have other manufacturing sites? And as soon as they learn that this is made in Germany, they have been rejecting any German applications for tender,” the businessman said. Saudi Arabia is a significant trade partner for Germany, accounting for exports worth €6.6 billion ($7.7b.) in 2017, according to the Federal Republic’s statistics office. (J. Post)

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21 INCLUDING IRANIANS, REPORTED KILLED IN IAF STRIKE IN SYRIA: Twenty one people were killed, including nine Iranians, in Thursday night’s 24 May 2018 attack on the Dabaa military airport in central Syria, media sources reported over the weekend. The strike was reportedly aimed at terror group Hezbollah’s members and militias supporting the Assad regime. According to reports, six strong explosions, allegedly caused by missile strikes, were heard in the Homs region, near the Lebanese border. Syrian air-defense systems reportedly attempted to intercept the missiles. On Friday 26 May 2018 the Lebanese army announced that a day earlier, five Israeli Air Force planes circled above Lebanese territory for some 15 hours altogether. According to the report, most of the flights took place in the southern and northern regions of Lebanon, but one of the planes was mentioned to have circled above “all regions of the country.” In recent months Israel has carried out several air strikes in Syria, targeting Iranian and Iranian-linked targets. Israeli leaders have repeatedly asserted that Jerusalem would not allow Iran to gain a foothold in southern Syria. (J.Post)

NASRALLAH: IF WAR BREAKS OUT WITH ISRAEL, WE’LL WIN: Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said Friday 25 May 2018 that if war breaks out with Israel, Hezbollah will prevail. In a speech to mark the 18th anniversary of the Israeli pullout from southern Lebanon, Nasrallah said that “The weapons Hezbollah had before the Israeli pullout were minor and incomparable to those it possesses today.” Israel violates our airspace every day," he complained. On Thurs. night 24 May 2018 the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes at the Daba’a military airport were most likely carried out by Israel. The Israel Defense Forces refused to comment on the attack. The Daba’a air base, and the surrounding area are known to be a stronghold for the Hezbollah terrorist group and Iran-backed militias. It was also reportedly struck by Israel in skirmishes against Syrian and Iranian forces on 10 May 2018. (Times of Israel) “The king of Israel answered, ‘Tell him: One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'" 1 Kings 20:11

REPORT: 59% OF ISRAELI CHILDREN ARE EXPOSED TO SECONDHAND SMOKE: A new Health Ministry report showed that nearly sixty percent of Israel's children are exposed to secondhand smoke. in 2016, the Ministry examined urine samples from 103 children and sent them for analysis abroad. When the results came in, they showed that 59% contained cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine which serves as a reliable way to measure exposure to cigarette smoke. The study also compared the Israeli children's results to those of children in other countries. Israeli children were found to have a higher level of cotinine than their counterparts in Canada, Germany, and England, but lower levels than their counterparts in Poland. Even more worrying is that Israeli children from a low socioeconomic status have higher levels of cotinine than their higher-SES counterparts. A new Health Ministry department will be responsible for monitoring biological issues, including exposure to environmental tobacco, secondhand smoke, pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. These levels will be used to determine and advance Health Ministry policies in the future. (INN)

PRINCE WILLIAM TO BECOME FIRST BRITISH ROYAL TO OFFICIALLY VISIT ISRAEL: Kensington Palace says Prince William will visit Israel and the Palestinian territories at the end of June 2018 — the first British royal to make an official visit there. The prince will begin his 24-28 June trip in Amman, Jordan, then travel to Jerash in Jordan; Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel; and Ramallah in Judea & Samaria. No British royal has ever made an official visit to Israel, whose “so called”, occupation of the Palestinian territories is considered illegal by the William’s father. Prince Charles, attended the 2016 funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres in a private capacity. (Arutz-7) Pray for Prince Williams’ safety and welcome during his time in Israel.

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