A Day at the Movies

Going out to see a movie may seem like a trivial thing for most of us, but for some, it only happens on rare, special occasions. Recently, VFI joined a special project headed by the Jerusalem Welfare Department—supporting single adults in their 40s-60s who suffer from various functional disabilities. Due to their situation, these individuals are experiencing poverty and social exclusion. Their lifestyle lacks a time frame, so they often don't eat regularly and don't have a daily or weekly routine. This club provides an accepting place for these people, a place where they receive a meal, personal attention, a sympathetic ear, and enriching social activities. The goal is to help them create healthy social interaction and further develop their social skills. 


Their most recent activity was going out to see a movie at Cinema City in Jerusalem. VFI sponsored the outing, and of course, the experience of watching a movie is not complete without popcorn, so that was also provided for their enjoyment. The participants were very excited and enjoyed the experience. One man said he had never been to Cinema City before, and he really enjoyed the opportunity to go. Others said it had been many years since they'd gone to the movies, and this was a great experience.