Day of Fun in the Sun for Lone Soldiers

The heavy heat of the summer months in Israel is sometimes unbearable. During those times, we often remember the lone soldiers (the 7,000 people who have moved to Israel from all over the world and serve in the IDF), so we were pleased to take part in an event to bless them.

These lone soldiers are mostly young men and women who had many different options of things they could do after high school, but, full of motivation, they decided to move to Israel and join the army.  Many of them serve in combat units.  Along with the experience of giving to their beloved country, the soldiers face many challenges, including loneliness, financial difficulty, and missing their families and friends.

For the second year, Vision for Israel partnered with Friends of the IDF in the USA and Panama (“FIDF”), an organization that looks after the welfare of soldiers, and donated thousands of water bottles for “Putting on Flipflops,” a summer event held at a water park for 6,000 soldiers from 80 different countries.  The soldiers could attend a pool party with a live D.J., and enjoy good food and live shows. Each soldier was also given special gifts.

It was a day full of fun, refreshment, and joy.  Brigadier General Ilan Tal said, “This is a small expression of our, and all of Israel’s, appreciation and love to all the soldiers in the IDF and especially to the lone soldiers who decided to come and serve and defend us all.”

We were honored to take part in this event and show our support.