Cooking Together at a Special School

A special education school in Jerusalem and Vision for Israel have partnered together for a special project to feed and educate the school's students. The children (ages 6-12) who attend the school have completely normal intelligence quotients, but they suffer from behavioural and emotional difficulties due to a lack of elementary human connection. Most of the children also come from low-income families. Their environments do not provide them with normative life skills, so the school holds enriching activities and experiences to teach them these skills. One of the activities is preparing breakfast with the school staff. The children participate in preparing the food and then sit down to eat it together. The school principal told us that these are often the only proper meals the children receive during the day. Vision for Israel donates the ingredients for preparing breakfast for all the students. The ingredients also supply food for the home economics class, where they learn life skills such as planning a healthy meal, cooking, baking, setting a table and having table manners.