Cafe Europa Celebrates the New Year

The childhood innocence of Holocaust survivors was taken away from them and replaced with terrible and traumatic experiences. It's important for us to give them as many moments of joy and happiness as possible, to make up for the deprivation they encountered as children and to give them a break from their daily worries and difficulties.

Since Hanukkah and the New Year are in close proximity, we saw a wonderful opportunity to give the survivors a joyful celebration. We partnered with Cafe Europa, a social club for Holocaust survivors, to give the dear survivors a cozy Hanukkah and New Year party. The guests enjoyed a performance by a singer who performed some oldies from the 1920s–60s. We also provided a warm meal and traditional sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts). The survivors enjoyed the celebration, filled with joy, peace, and lots of smiles.

We are moved each time we see these precious people smiling and having a good time!