Arab Boycott of Pence 'A Disgrace'

“As the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” Isa. 61:11

NETANYAHU: ARAB BOYCOTT OF PENCE ‘A DISGRACE’: PM Netanyahu addressed at the opening of the cabinet meeting on Sun 21 Jan. 2018, the upcoming visit of USA Vice President Mike Pence, who landed in Israel later that evening. “Tonight, a great friend of the State of Israel will arrive - Mike Pence,” Netanyahu said. “We will receive him happily and will discuss efforts of the Trump administration to curb Iranian aggression and advance peace in the region.” Netanyahu attacked Arab MKs who announced they would boycott Pence’s speech in the Knesset. “It is a disgrace that MKs seek to boycott the speech. We will all be there, and will give the Vice President the honor due to him.” The Prime Minister also shared with the cabinet some of the positive experiences from his official visit to India last week. Israel’s Culture Minister Miri Regev hailed Netanyahu's trip to India, saying the premier was received "like a king". (Arutz-7) Pray for the safety of V.P. Mike Pence during his time in Israel and for the honor due him to be expressed wherever he travels in the Land.

AMBASSADOR HALEY: ‘NO REWARDING UNRWA, PA FOR BAD BEHAVIOR’: USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that the USA should cut its funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) until the organization reforms. "We mentioned to UNRWA multiple times it needs to be reformed.” The ambassador said that UNRWA views all Palestinian Arabs as refugees regardless of where they live, where they were born, or whether or not they have citizenship in another country. “What we’re saying basically is that UNRWA considers every Palestinian as a refugee. What they’re teaching in schools is also not necessarily the right way to have things run, and the organization is very top heavy from an administration standpoint." She also said that the USA would not continue to reward the Palestinian Authority if it continues to reject USA mediation and refuses to engage in peace negotiations. "We’re not going to reward bad behavior. Here you’ve got the Palestinians who are basically saying they’re going to cut the USA out of the peace process. They’re saying they no longer want to have anything to do with us. They go and take us to the United Nations and are very hostile in what they say and what they do. We’re not going to pay to be abused. It doesn’t make sense." She accused the Palestinian Authority of being "not serious in truly getting to peace."

The USA slashed $65 million from a $125 million grant to UNRWA last week. The United States is the largest single donor to UNRWA, providing approximately a fourth of the organization's budget. For years, UNRWA has been a target for criticism in light of Hamas' activity in its educational institutions and the use of its facilities by Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations in Gaza. UNRWA was documented storing Hamas rockets and weapons "designed to kill Israeli citizens" in its schools, a fact which the UNRWA chief admitted himself. In addition, the organization has actively taken part in inciting anti-Semitic violence. It has perpetuated the status of Palestinian "refugees" for generations instead of working towards their absorption in host countries, continuing to call residents of camps located in the Palestinian Authority refugees. Audits have shown that the number of "refugees" in UNRWA lists is highly inflated. (Arutz-7) “Gaza will shave her head in mourning” Jer. 47:5

USA WON’T PAY ADDITIONAL $45 MILLION PLEDGED FOR PALESTINAIAN AID: The USA will not provide $45 million in food aid for Palestinians that it pledged last month as part of the Judea & Samaria/ Gaza Emergency Appeal led by UNRWA - the USA State Department said on 18 Jan. 2018. The State Department said on 16 Jan. 2018 that Washington would withhold a separate $65 million from UNRWA, saying it needed to make reforms. “The United States plans to make this funding available to UNRWA in early 2018,”said State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert. The United States had made clear to UNRWA that the $45 million was a pledge aimed at helping the agency, but it was not a guarantee, Nauert told reporters. “At this time, we will not be providing that, but that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future,” Nauert said. She repeated the USA view that UNRWA needs reform, saying there are a lot more refugees in the program than previously, and that “money coming in from other countries needs to increase as well to continue paying for all those refugees. So we’re asking countries to do more,” Nauert said. “Fundamentally, we just don’t believe that we have to be the chief donor to every organization around the world.” Despite the decision on the food aid pledge, she said: “We remain the most generous country on the planet.” (Reuters)

MORE ABOUT UNRWA: UNRWA is the only UN organization which is dedicated to a single group of refugees. All the other millions of refugees in the world fall under the auspices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The definition of a “Palestinian refugee” under the auspices of UNRWA is also very different from the definition which applies to all other refugees in the world. “Palestinian refugees” are the only refugees in the world who inherit that status from their parents and grandparents, rather than becoming refugees by being forced to leave their country of origin. They also do not lose their status as refugees if they receive citizenship in another country, such as the State of Jordan. As a result of UNRWA's policies and the refusal of the surrounding Arab nations to integrate the original refugees or their descendants and to grant them citizenship, the number of refugees has increased nearly tenfold, from approximately 700,000 in 1949 to over 6.5 million today. The UNRWA Reform Initiative seeks to change the operations of UNRWA so that the organization focuses on finding solutions for the refugees and their descendants instead of continually perpetuating their refugee status. The Reform Committee stated in its announcement of the initiative that "UNRWA perpetuates the stateless status of refugees and their descendants, reinforcing a life of limbo, poverty, anguish and despair," in addition to promoting violence and hatred against Jews in schools. (Compiled by JNN editors)

UNRWA AND THE SO CALLED “RIGHT OF RETURN”: When Israel was created in 1948; Arab states and Arab Palestinians attacked the Jewish community in Palestine and the Jewish state, vowing to "drive the Jews into the sea." They lost the war however, and some 600,000-750,000 Palestinians at the behest of Arab leaders voluntarily fled the area that became Israel. Palestinians claim any peace agreement with the Jewish state must allow the descendants and families of these refugees, now numbering over 6.5 million to return to Israel. If Israel were to agree to this Jews would became a minority in their own state. Return of the refugees would put an end to the Jewish homeland. Meanwhile UNRWA, Western governments, and global humanitarian aid agencies support the ever growing numbers of refugee descendants - with vast percentages of that aid flowing into terrorist coffers and the pockets of corrupt leaders. (JNN)

WHINERS AND WINNERS: Although much is heard about the plight of the Palestinian refugees from the aftermath of the 1948 Israeli War of Independence and the 1967 Six Day War, little is said about the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were forced to flee from Arab states before and after the creation of Israel. In fact, these refugees were largely forgotten because they were assimilated into their new homes, most in Israel, and neither the United Nations nor any other international agency took up their cause or demanded restitution for the property and money taken from them.

From the onset of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War until the early 1970s, 800,000–1,000,000 Jews left, fled, or were expelled from their homes in Arab countries; 260,000 of them reached Israel between 1948 and 1951 and accounted for 56% of the total immigration to the newly founded State of Israel. 600,000 Jews from Arab and Muslim countries had reached Israel by 1972. By the Yom Kippur War of 1973, most of the Jewish communities throughout the Arab World, as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan, were practically non-existent. The reasons for the exodus included push factors, such as persecution, anti-Semitism, political instability and expulsion; together with pull factors, such as the desire to fulfill Zionist yearnings. Look at Israel today and see what can be accomplished by hard-working, courageous men and women with a vision to build a country and to maintain peace. (JNN) “We went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.” Ps 66:12

ISRAEL DIGS DEEP TO THWART TUNNEL THREAT FROM GAZA: The Israeli military said on 18 Jan. 2018 that a secretive project to build an underground wall along the border with Gaza is proving to be a deterrent against Palestinian attack tunnels. The wall extends hundreds of feet below ground and is studded with sensors. It's also topped by a 26-foot metal fence. Excavating machines, concrete mixers and hundreds of workers are toiling furiously to complete the barrier by mid-2019 at a cost of $700 million. A senior IDF official said he was confident that once the barrier was complete, attack tunnels would no longer pose a threat. "That will be it," he said. Construction workers, many of them Israeli Arabs or foreigners, wear bulletproof vests and helmets. The military has built five concrete factories along the border dedicated entirely to the barrier. (Telegraph-UK/ Washington Post)

INTERNET SURVEY: ONE IN FOUR JEWS IN EUROPE HIDES HIS JEWISHNESS: The World Zionist Organization (WZO) has conducted a comprehensive internet survey in recent months, ahead of the International Day to Combat Anti-Semitism, which will take place on 27 Jan. 2017. The comprehensive survey included 1,363 Jewish participants who do not reside in Israel. Among other questions respondents were asked how safe they felt about moving around with visible Jewish symbols such as a kippah and a Star of David, or using their Jewish name. 51% of respondents in Europe said that they do not feel safe to be seen with Jewish symbols, more than twice as many as respondents in North America, where 22% said they did not feel safe doing so. The survey revealed that one out of every two Jews in Europe and one out of every four Jews in the world feels the need to conceal his Jewishness and avoid the most basic Jewish symbols. 30% of those who responded that they felt safe in their area of residence testified that they did not feel confident about walking around with Jewish symbols. In addition, respondents were asked to provide their opinion on the UN resolution not to recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. 72% said they believed it was an anti-Semitic resolution, while 13% considered it a legitimate decision. One source said "the worrisome results of the survey prove once again that anti-Semitism has not disappeared from the world and that all necessary measures must be taken into consideration in order to eradicate it.” (INN)

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