Aid for the Holidays Begins

Now that kids are back in school and enjoying their new backpacks from the Pack to School project, we have begun our money voucher distribution for the high holidays. Our first distribution took place at a center for the blind in Jerusalem. Nearly 50 families received financial aid for the holidays. We were delighted to meet the recipients in person and hear their life stories. We met some inspiring people who are positive and active in their society and workplaces, who don't let their limitations stop them.


One of them is Chayim (Name has been changed), a 51-year-old blind man who is married and a father of seven children. His wife is a midwife, and he is dedicated to taking care of their children. It is important to him that his children are proud of him despite his blindness, so he invests in his relationships with them and even with their friends. Chayim told us that his mother encouraged him and told him never to say "I can't"—just do. He feels that, thanks to his upbringing, he married his wife, established a family, and enjoys a full life.


The lives of the blind and their family members are full of daily challenges. We hope that we managed to relieve some of their challenges and relieve the financial burden that comes with the holidays.